Voices of Holocaust History: Ruth Tells Her Story

Ruth Kapp Hartz was a hidden child in Nazi occupied France in 1941. She tells of being forced to conceal her Jewish identity and the loss of her childhood years. Viewers learn of the kind villagers who risked their lives to save Ruth’s family until the escalation of Nazi persecution led to her placement in a convent for safekeeping. Ruth is the subject of Stacy Cretzmeyer’s book Your Name is Renée (Study Guide available) and the French version Tu t’appelles Renée.
Approximately 36 mins. $25.00
The story of Ruth is moving in its simplicity. Through hopes, terrors, reunions and separations it is the story of a child who never forgot that she was Jewish. It is the story of many hidden children who were saved from the Holocaust.
--Beate Klarsfeld, Historian and Director of the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation
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