Ruth Kapp Hartz RUTH: “They immediately agreed to take us into their cellar. Now remember they took tremendous risks on our behalf. After all, we were perfect strangers. We were in a very narrow space and you had to remain silent. The slightest noise could give you away…” Liesl Joseph LoebLIESL: “ As the ship sailed out the harbor of Havana, people shouted encouragement… slowly. Slowly the captain took the ship northward toward Miami Beach. We saw the United States but could not land there. The American government felt that the St. Louis was a Cuban affair.”Eva Abraham-PodietzEVA: “ I felt like an outsider, I didn’t understand, I could no longer go to the swimming pool, I could no longer go skating… I had to sit on the park bench for Jews only. We had to line the streets and salute Hitler…”

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